Friday, April 22, 2011

No sidetracked

Just that time of the year....the brain gets sidetracked with projects and spring cleaning both of the mind and house. Have been purging everything in sight but in random order which makes no sense.

Was doing fantastic working on projects than hit a brick wall and now am blank but hoping that will change with the art canvas project I started with my daughter on Wednesday.

Have a great day.


Curt in Carmel said...

Been there still doing it! LOL You'll get your mojo back soon. It will be a nice break from Spring cleaning! Best, Curt

Diana said...

Hi Sande. Thank you for your lovely comment. I feel completely validated! I do still have my dream of a scrapbooking business. I don't think it will happen for now, but when it does, I will be including scrapbooking-art-occupational-therapy. Thanks again for all your kind words. Diana

Raissa Costa said...

Our I can not find words to thank his message.
It is a very severe and painful disease for anyone who is next, it takes much strength, patience and care.
I have kept the faith and strength!
Soon I believe he will leave the hospital and things will calm down a bit.
My feelings for what happened to her mother, much strength and faith for you!
Let's talk.
Thanks for the love.