Saturday, March 12, 2011

Music Saves My Soul Saturday

This is my first time taking part in this and I'm so glad I found it.

I can't fathom a day without music. I live and breath music.

The first band I run to when the soul needs to be soothed is Pearl Jam. Have seen them more times than I can remember and every time is simply amazing.

Hard to pick a favorite but this one is amongst them....Me and my partner in crime (better known as my daughter) never miss them. Somewhere in the crowd....we are there.

Very long story but 2 years ago I had a near deadly reaction to Abilify/Celexa and they weren't sure I would ever walk. Five weeks in the hospital and 2 1/2 of forcing my legs to move. Months with a walker and now a cane but I can walk. My 2 goals while I laid in the both were fast approaching. Be able to see Pearl Jam and go to the Creating Keepsakes Convention. I did both with my partner in crime.


Wendy Colledge said...

I hope you had a blast at the convention and the concert, Gosh, Pearl jam?! **drool** lovin' the song! xx

Marcea said...

total class ..... bvet you just had an amzing time - I love live music so much. SOmeone once said my son's voice sounds like the singer from Pearl Jam .... who knows lol xxx

Lisa aka Myran said...

It's great to know you're doing better! Great classic song pick :)

Renata van Miltenburg said...

You Rock girl!! Touching story... Never been to a Pearl Jam Concert but I HAVE been to Creating Keepsakes :D

I'm very curious what you think of my choice this week (a little late). They started out liked by all the young girls but their mothers picked them up as well...I bet that's not because of their high standerd songs :D This song sounds very happy and was their biggest hit for so far.

XOXO Renata

Cheryl said...

Awesome pick! Thank you for sharing your story

Cheryl said...

Hi Sande - Thank you for your comment. Seven Nations tours the US quite a bit so you might get the chance to see them. They are awesome live! Congrats about finding out about your Irish heritage. I always heard that we were Irish but I never found out the details until a few years ago when an aunt we researching our geneology.

Have a great day!1