Thursday, March 24, 2011

Busy week....

Has been a busy week. My grand daughter, age 13 came for 4 days which was great fun and we has a blast. Spent hours stamping and coloring images with watercolor markers and Copic's...she is getting very good and loves it. Wish she could have stayed longer but her time must be shared with her three brothers....the masters of all things Lego. One will arrive tomorrow. By Sunday I will need a vacation or a or the other.

Have been working on a Art Journal which I have never done before...rather painful as I am not a "artist". But I am determined not to give up and to all 52 pages then hand bind them into a journal.

Watch this amazing video stamps and great technique using Distress Ink and nibs. Thought I would share and pass along.



Spyder said...

Very interesting video, haven't come across those nips before. Loely stamp

Rez said...

Beautiful stamp image. The tutorial was also interesting.Thanks for posting my give away in yor sidebar.