Monday, February 28, 2011

Well, look what I found.

Well its be way too long since I was last here...actually I forgot about the account and then couldn't remember the password. After a week of trying every combination I could think of pesto the last possible one I come up with worked.

My scrap booking/creating blog is under major reconstruction but once it up and running I'll post the link check back if you get the chance.

Life has been busy with good days and some hard ones. My health issues continue to be a issue and all are caused because of my near death reaction to Abilify/Celexa. I continue to walk with a cane as the strength in my muscles never nor will returned to 100%, on the last test it was about 67%.

But enough of goes on. You either give up or go on.

I just created a scrap room out of my second bedroom. Though it won't last long as I anticipate moving within the next few months. But it looks great and their a ton of space for everything plus a place for my laptop.

Me and my daughter who is my creating partner in crime has decided to have a weekly challenge. So we every other month one of us comes up with 4 project ideas and you have the month of complete them. It's been great fun so far and 8 super projects.

We started doing Art Journaling which is really interesting and a whole new experience which includes mixed media but also gives us the chance to us up are huge scrapbook supply.

I'm a horrid with a camera but am going to try to photograph so of my projects after I build a light box. My son in law is bring me a light which will help also.

My first attempt using Copic Markers. Made a few years ago.

Card made using a lovely digital image and Copic Markers.

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