Thursday, February 26, 2009

Yesterday was nice. Spent the morning at my daughters house with the two youngest until Alicia came to pick me up. Then we went food shopping which I hate doing, went to my house and had pizza then took a walk down on the boardwalk. It was great to see the ocean and beach after all this was peaceful and warm. Didn't expect it to be so warm, as it's still winter here. After our walk we went back to my house, where she had some surprises for me. A set of stamps that are so cute, a Healthy Heart magazine and all the supplies needed to make an exploding box. I had never saw one before it was just wonderful. So we spent the afternoon cutting out the pieces which is very time consuming but worth it. We were getting tired so we took a break and had homemade cake which I had baked the day before. White cake with vanilla buttercreme icing..yummy!

Then it was time for her to leave...both of us had a headache and she was exhausted from work and not sleeping.

I still can't get use to being by myself and I'm not sure why. Before my illness, I had lived alone for many years and it never bothered me. Oh well, I'll have to get use to it sooner or later.

Today I am finishing my exploding box and hopefully completing my thank you cards.

I was looking through some pictures and came across the pic of my first Book of Shadows. I am not a great photographer, so I think it might not show up right. Its really pretty and I love the colors. Not sure why it comes out looking blue as it's actually deep purple and the images are black and white. I'll have to play around with the camera and see if I can't get better images.

Time for lunch and a cup of hot tea.


Joanie said...

What a wonderful day you had! A walk by the ocean, scrap surprises and CAKE...wish I was there with ya!!!
Your photos are beautiful! Do you have photobucket or with the "instant color/photo fix, that may help.

Remember, you are not have all of us cyber scrap friends...

Joanie said...

OH....I have been tagged to do a Photo Tag! Here's the info...