Friday, February 20, 2009

Settling In.....

I realized last night, after my daughter left to go home, how much I missed my grandchildren and having people around. Yes, its nice to have the house to yourself and the peace and quiet that comes with it but after a week of silence, it get's too you. At my daughters house with two adults, four kids and the constant flow of friends coming in and out there was always something going on.

As I still can't leave the house without another person being here, I am bound to the apartment until somebody stops over or comes for a visit. Strange to live in an apartment complex with 13 other families and not one stop by other than the lady who found me on the floor, almost dead.

Well...I decided that I should work on a project each day. Nothing big or exhausting but things that need to be taken care of since I was gone for months. I polished all the furniture, cleaned out the kitchen closets, rid the kitchen of items that haven't been used or won't ever get used again, tidied my desks, arranged the china cabinet, cleaned the bathroom and the kitchen.

Yesterday Alicia came and we had a nice day. She took me out to lunch for burgers and fries. I'm not much of a burger person but these were to die for. We stopped off at Walmart and I picked up a few things that I needed then off to Micheals to see what was new in yarn and in the scrapbook department. After that we went to Dunkin Donuts for coffee and of course, donuts. Then back to the house to take care of a few chores that I needed help with, like the box that needs to be connected to the TV if you don't have cable, which I don't. The trash needed to be taken out and a weeks worth of mail sorted through. The mail was nasty grams for hospital and ambulance bills that my insurance or charity care would/won't cover. Almost $9,000 worth and I'm clueless as to how to pay for them.

Then I clean out the laptop of documents and images that I didn't need anymore and transfered the ones that I wanted to keep into my Photobucket account.

Today I played with crocheting. Alicia wants me to create a afghan for one of her Assistant Managers whose baby is due late May. I haven't crocheted for atleast ten years, so I've been practicing my stitches. I also was playing with a Pagan Amulet that is quick to crochet using a thin string type yarn.

Talked to Brody today...I miss my little man so much. This is the best picture that has been taken of him in a long time. Funny, he is naked except for shawl and it's just too cute.

Ian can't wait until its all right for him to come and stay. He wants donuts and jelly beans. Hopefully in the next few weeks, I'll be strong enough for him to come for a over night visit. The babies will have to wait, as I can't pick them up, as the
upper body strength and my balance are still not what they should be.

Tomorrow I am going to work on creating thank you cards for the awesome people that were so wonderful while I was in the hospital and at Renee's recovering. It will be my first crafting since the summer, before I got sick.

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