Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Being home.....

Yesterday was my first day to be home alone after being in the hospital and recuperating at my daughters. As my previous blog states I have been hospitalized in November and am still in the recovery zone. Managing to get around with the aid of a cane or the walker.

It is so strange to be here...the first day it felt like I was in a strangers home instead of my own. That feeling disappeared the next morning after a good nights sleep in my own bed. There really is no place like home...though it's a tad lonely after being surrounded by people 24 hours a day.

My grand daughter came to stay with me the first three days....it was so much have to have her her even though she was so sick she could barely get off the sofa.

Taking it slowly and not doing too much of anything. Yesterday I gave the kitchen a cleaning...nothing major. Just wiped everyday down to take the dusty layer off. The kitchen smells so nice now. It took all day, as I would did a small space, rest and then continue.

Today I tackled the dining room and did it the same way...dust, rest, sweep then rest and I just finished it about a hour ago.

If I don't keep busy I'll go nuts or sleep all day, so it's best to find some projects to work on.

Tomorrow I'm going to do the living room, that might take two days though.

Over the weekend, I want to create some cards to send to those people that were so incredible to me while I've been away. First and foremost my neighbor who, despite what she thinks, more than likely saved my life.

The weather has been strange...warm for this time of the year. I guess spring will be here before we know it. Chances of showers or flurries later tonight. I would love to look out the sliding glass door and see a ton of snow but I doubt that will happen anytime soon. Though beings I can't get down the two flights of stairs by myself, I would welcome warmer weather....that way I can at least sit out on the balcony and enjoy the fresh air.

I can not wait unitl I'm strong enough to walk to the beach....that will be the best day of all these months.

Think I'll get out my card books and try to come up with some creation or maybe the Gocco machine.

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