Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Insanity Week

Jacklyn and Ian start school this week. I can't believe she's in fifth grade and that Ian is old enough to start school. He's so excited about making new friends. Worried about Jacklyn, as she doesn't make friend easily.

School also started for me and for some reason I'm not looking forward to classes this semester. Mainly because I actually have to go to the school for a class..and that just doesn't float my boat.

No time to do much of anything with Etsy for the next week, have to get into a routine of juggling kids, work, the house and school and tossing in Etsy. I really like to get Mysteria up and running.

I hope people that read my blog understand that this is not just about Etsy, I don't have time to keep two blogs with all that's going on.

They are finally getting settled into the new house. Alicia is sick as shit.

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