Saturday, August 9, 2008

Reilly Roo

I can't believe Reilly is going to be a year old on Monday. He's still so tiny...all of about 11 pounds but he's doing better. Gaining some strength in his little legs and arms. Waiting for the results from the muscle biopsy that he had a few weeks ago...I think there are four more weeks to go.

Finish the black and the gold tapestry ritual! They are gorgeous but took forever to hem by hand. Now I know why people hem by machine but I think it always looks better and more professional to hem by hand. Ponders if that should be added into the cost. Still have to arrive at prices per type of fabric. I want to have fabrics for those who can't afford the "normal" pricey skirts/corsets. So basically I'm sticking to heavy weight cotton like broadcloth and making one or two in more expensive fabrics. Each skirt takes 6 yards of fabric so no matter what fabric I use, they are going to be cheap. Need to find a wholesale fabric dealer. Seems like the black should be around $49 and the gold around $95.

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