Monday, August 25, 2008

Busy, busy, busy!

This last week has been super busy. A few custom orders outside of Etsy kept me busy for days.

The kids moved yesterday which was hectic and insane. Three adults and four kids trying to move a houseful of furnishing. Needly to say the kids didn't make it an easy chore. But somehow we managed to get everything moved yesterday and today. Now they are busy with decorating and putting life in order. This is not going to happen quickly, with Renee back to work after hurting her back.

I'm keeping the two youngest ones until Thursday night so at least they won't be under foot. Hoping they will nap each day, so I can work on some projects.

Classes start next Friday, so I have to pick up my loan check and book stipend on Friday morning. Then off to order my books. Going to hang out with Alicia, then off to a surprise party for Renee's birthday and maybe go see Bill play.

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