Sunday, July 20, 2008


Yesterday was fantastic.

The girl came to pick up her dress with her Mother and they loved it. Fits her perfectly and was exactly the right length which means all the alterations were done on one try. I just love it when things go right.

Better yet...they gave me triple what I asked for.

Finally got everything I need for the Scrapbook Convention in Valley Forge and only 11 days till we leave. I can't wait. Three days away from all the trivia of everyday life.

Reilly is coming along nicely. His wound is healing and he's finally putting on some weight. Thanks to a new high fat/high calorie die and we made the choice to not have the Mikey button put in for three months. I wasn't crazy about having that done to begin with. So now, everything that you can put butter or cream in, we do.

Finished the market bags and they turned out super.

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