Thursday, July 17, 2008


The dress is finished. What a monkey off my back. I swear I will never do another wedding dress...with two zillion layer of netting. Typically that is cut on by machine and not one layer at a time by hand. The measure of each 10 inches was just a tad much.

Me and Mike went head to head again. And as usual he, the sissy son in law to be, went storming out the door like a child. Jesus grow the fuck up and when you do maybe you'll learn that your not always right and most of the time your usually wrong. What my daugther sees in you I do not know and never will.

Got my scrapbook pages and cards cut and laid out and all my supplies for the trip. Just need a new pair of sandals/flips. Went last night but there weren't any to be had...shouldn't have waited to late.

Going to try and get my other Etsy shoppe up and running by the beginning of August. Have about 1/2 of my items completed but I need to redo the first corset, as I'm not pleased with the outcome. The interfacing is much too heavy. I should have used lightweight instead of heavy. All the Market Bags are completed. Concerned about photographing my and the camera are not best of friends.

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