Monday, July 28, 2008

Pagent and Convention

Everything is ready for Jacklyn's big night...dress, shoes, gloves, hose and jewelry. Practice Tuesday and Wednesday morning. Wednesday is going to be insane, seems like we have appointments every hour.

All is ready for the Convention...clothes, supplies, contest entries, snacks and cash. Wish I had more cash but that's not going to happen. Well it could but the likelihood of it happening are zip.

Finally got the hemmed in the Ritual skirt...that was a long six yards of hand stitching but so worth it appearance wish. Might try to work on the Ritual Bonding skirt and corset if there's enough time between now and Wednesday afternoon.

Hoping to come back from the convention with some great new ideas and concepts. Last years classes were amazing even the one with the Mickey Mouse theme(which I hate)but the project itself was super.

Ian is sick. Appears to be the summer bug. Not himself today.

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